Scene 2

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The Deputy’s arrive to the Smith Residence.
An unpainted wooden one-story. The place is dilapidated with its share of junk in the front, weed covered yard. Up on the porch sits an empty green rocking chair. Paint chipping away, you note it as you ride up, a few times in coming up to the Smith Residence you’ve found Jed Smith a sittin’ there. Drinking from a bottle, polishing his shotgun.
The front door is closed, no sign of the Smiths.
(PC’s may notice no sounds or yelling or hollerin’)

Points of Interest here:
go around back to the kitchen door In coming around the house, you slow as you pass another window in the side. (Give PC’s opportunities to look in windows) Stepping softly, as you round the back of the house you see three steps leading up to the kitchen door, the faded red barn, and the cellar door hatch (Celler door is locked, nothing in cellar. Not that the PC’s know this.)

look in the windows (PC’s See darkened rooms, the curtain is mostly pulled shut, but a flash of movement, more aptly a darkening flash of someone or something passing in front of a light source, casting a shadow.)

knock on the door

investigate the barn around back (Only if go around back or PC makes a point of assessing area/situation

PC’s Knock on Door Do they announce themselves? Do they Bang or knock?

Scene 2

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